MBR Technology used to recycle wastewater for Golf Course Irrigation; Title 22 Compliant

About Us

Invirotreat Inc. headquarters are in Southern California.   We specialize in innovative, economical solutions to industrial and environmental waste treatment applications, emphasizing water recycling for beneficial use Our experience extends for over two decades!

Our engineering services covers a wide range of  municipal and industrial waste treatment applications.   We have designed and operated organic as well as inorganic wastewater treatment systems, utilizing biological, biophysical and physical/chemical processes.  We’ve handled complex waste streams as effectively as mildly contaminated wastewater. 

We also streamlined operating treatment systems involving organic waste, metal bearing waste, oil and oil emulsions, to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.  Our experience also extends to hazardous landfill leachate and condensate, as well as to potable and non-potable water treatment.

Invirotreat serves as the treatment consultant on several high-profile environmental  projects, including Waste Management, Republic Services/Allied Waste, City of Industry, City of Glendale, DTE Biomass Energy.

PACT Process used to recycle hazardous leachate for irrigation