Major engineering services offered by Invirotreat are listed below.
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Prepare Environmental Site Assessment to identify liabilities in land acquisition. Design engineered systems to remediate soil and groundwater contamination .

Environmental Studies

Providing operation support to water and wastewater treatment facilities, operator training, compliance testing and reporting. Develop O&M Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Operation Support

Design and operate bench and pilot-scale test units as demonstration systems, and to determine design criteria for the full-scale treatment plants.

Pilot Testing

Prepare permit applications, environmental studies to local, State, and Federal regulatory agencies.

Regulatory Permitting

 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

 Site Investigations


 Operation Oversight

 O&M Manuals

 Operator Training

 Safety Awareness

 Bench Scale

 Treatability Testing

 Field Monitoring

 Tracer Studies

 Liaison with Agencies

 Permit Applications

 Compliance Reports

 Title 22 Recycling

Engineering design and specifications of water and wastewater treatment plants, conveyance lines, ponds, including Title 22 wastewater reclamation. Water Recycling is a priority in every project.

Design Services

 Engineering Studies

 Detailed Design

 Water/Wastewater Reclamation

 Const. Management